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What is your seat width?

<35 cm | < 14 inch
35-53 cm | 14-21 inch
> 53 cm | >21 inch
  • Check the size label of your current wheelchair cushion for information on width & depth, if you require a cushion in (approximately) the same size.
  • Or measure the width of the wheelchair seat. To measure the width of your wheelchair seat when seated, hold a tape measure horizontally above your upper legs. Do not follow your leg contours, keep the tape measure straight.

Is there a body asymmetry to accommodate?

No asymmetry
Small asymmetry
Severe asymmetry

Severe asymmetry
When there for instance is a fixed pelvic obliquity or pelvic rotation  that creates an asymmetry of over 2,5 cm / 1 inch.

Small asymmetry
An asymmetry of less than 2,5 cm / 1 inch

No asymmetry
0 cm/0 inch

Are you able to independently shift your position and transfer?


When you are able to regularly and independently shift your position on the seat cushion, the risk of developing pressure ulcers decreases.

What is your risk of developing pressure ulcers?

No / mild risk
High / Severe

For an indication of the use of mild, moderate, high, severe: please check the Braden Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale.

What level of stability or positioning do you need?

  • Small You have good core/trunk stability and do not need lateral support
  • Medium You have good core/trunk stability, but need a small amount of lateral back support
  • High You have reduced core/trunk stability and are in need of lateral support to improve your sitting posture.

When and how do you use the wheelchair?

Daily Passive
Daily Active
  • Incidentally You only use the wheelchair for a short period or once in a while.
  • Daily Passive You use the wheelchair on a daily basis and for multiple hours at a time. You are unable to independently shift your sitting posture.
  • Daily Active You use the wheelchair on a daily basis, have an active lifestyle and are able to independently make transfers and change your sitting posture.

VICAIR worldplayer in skin protection, seating & positioning

The best medium for pressure redistribution is air.
Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks; air is unstable and it tends to leak. Vicair solved these issues by creating the Vicair SmartCells.

All Vicair wheelchair cushions and seating products offer the unique combination of skin protection and positioning

When you sit on a Vicair wheelchair cushion, you are supported by hundreds of SmartCells. The layers of cells inside the cushion compartments move with so little friction that the effect resembles the behaviour of a viscous fluid, slowly adjusting to the shape of your body. Also, because SmartCells
deform individually, they conform to your body’s contours. The result is superior pressure redistribution.

On top of this the design of the cushion compartments combined with the specific number of cells in them make the Vicair wheelchair cushion ultra stable and help prevent the person sitting on it from sliding forward. As a result the wheelchair cushion reduces shear forces to a bare minimum and helps to create and maintain an optimal, functional posture.

Ease of use

Vicair SmartCell cushions are extremely user-friendly. The well balanced filling grade ensures that Vicair wheelchair cushions are ready to use, but if you prefer, you can adjust the cushions to your personal positioning needs by adding or removing SmartCells. The cushion requires hardly any maintenance; there is no need for a pump or any other accessories and once the cushion is set up, it doesn’t require daily monitoring. Not only are the Vicair wheelchair cushions extremely comfortable, but they are incredibly lightweight: on average weighing less than 0,8 kg each. This makes them the lightest high performance wheelchair cushions available by far.

The Vicair cushion is always ready for use

Safe, Durable and low on maintenance

Vicair User Stories

Who better to tell you all about the Vicair wheelchair cushions and what they can do for a wheelchair user than the users themselves.

Outdoor | Self-propelling

"Paralympic champions and Vicair wheelchair cushions... a good combination "

Mirjam de Koning-Peper
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Outdoor | Self-propelling

"The spasms have disappeared overnight since I’ve started using the Vicair Vector O2"

Nienke Conijn
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Indoor | self-propelling

"It was love at first sit! No more pain when sitting and the cushion offered me so much more stability!"

Diana de Vos
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Outdoor | Self-propelling

User story Jurgen Boon – Vicair Active wheelchair cushion

Jurgen Boon
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User Stories

It all starts with innovation

One simple question can change everything… What if we could really control the air in a wheelchair cushion? 25 years ago, this question instigated a wind of innovation through the world of rehabilitation. What started off as a light breeze has found its way into the hearts and wheelchairs of customers all over the world.

Vicair 25 years 1993-2018

Today Vicair is a leading company in skin protection, seating and positioning. We are continuously working on developing, manufacturing and selling the most innovative solutions for people with seating challenges. Improving their comfort, safety and everyday functionality is our number one drive.

Everything we do still revolves around air, capturing its qualities with our SmartCell technology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our users’ quality of life and believe that innovation is key in the fight against pressure ulcers.

That is why we are dedicated to innovation in the following areas:

  • Materials
    Research and development of SmartCell and other materials to ensure optimal comfort, protection and usability.
  • Science in seating
    Developing tools for the ultimate wheelchair set-up addressing invisible causes of pressure sores.
  • Education
    Exchanging in-depth knowledge and practical insights with rehabilitation centres and therapists to improve seating & positioning together.
  • Quality
    Continuous development of new tools for quality control to secure carefree use at all time.

We will never think lightly of the everyday challenges our users face, but will do everything we can to make them a little lighter. Because at Vicair, we care.

Vicair AllRounder O2 - Ultimate freedom


15 February 2018

Vicair celebrates 25th anniversary

In 2018 Vicair celebrates its 25th anniversary. It all started with a simple question…

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12 October 2017

Nicola Dutto finishes the Oilibya Rally Maroc

Milan, October 11, 2017 – Another historic achievement is added to the list of accomplishments of paraplegic pro rider Nicola Dutto who finished yesterday, among the dunes of the Moroccan desert, the Oilibya Rally 2017. Nicola: “The rally was hard and long but we were prepared for that.”

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2 October 2017

New! Vicair Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on the air-filling of our wheelchair cushions. That is what our new generation Vicair SmartCells come with.

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