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About Vicair

Vicair BV, founded in 1993, is a seating company entirely based on an innovative method of body support.

The name Vicair stands for: Vi = la vie, life and viscous – Ca for care and Air for… air.

All of our products are filled with hundreds of small, air-filled cells (SmartCells). Together these cells provide reliable and stable body support and superior pressure distribution.

Nowadays Vicair offers a complete range of high quality (wheelchair) seat cushions, back systems for wheelchair users and non wheelchair products. Next to this we offer pressure- and pain relief mattresses for people who are confined to bed. You will find satisfied Vicair product users in over 30 countries, all over the world.

We are Vicair
We are Vicair The Vicair team is dedicated and professional, and more than happy to answer any questions you might have after or during your visit to our website.

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