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We are the proud sponsor of a number of athletes that we’ve met over the last couple of years. In most cases the initial contact was about the solution a Vicair wheelchair cushion did or could offer in their particular situation. Getting to know these people meant being inspired by their positivity and determination. Especially when it came to their sports activities.
By becoming their sponsor we support them in achieving their goals. And by sharing their stories and accomplishments, we hope to inspire all of you.

Nicola Dutto - Paraplegic Pro Rider - Road to Dakar

Nicola Dutto has had two impressive careers: First as professional off-road motorbike rider and now as Paraplegic Pro Rider. In the past Nicola had won several prices in off-road motorbike races. He became European Champion Baja 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately he broke his spinal cord in an accident during the Italian Baja in 2010 and ended up in a wheelchair.
His passion for motorcycling remained and in 2012 Nicola took on the challenge to start motorcycling again. He raced the 500 km long Baja Aragon and became the first paraplegic professional motorbike rider!
Needless to say, Nicola has had to make some changes in the way he competes / has had to be very persistent and creative to be able to compete. He needed to be secured, supported and protected while speeding across the challenging rock-filled desert terrain. This required an adjusted motorbike, but also a motor saddle cushion to further protect and support him and that could provide some much needed comfort during these intense long distance races.
Vicair was able to provide Nicola with the exact custom made cushion that he needed. Since 2013 we have been sponsoring Nicola by supplying him with this Vicair custom made motor saddle cushion. In 2017 we have increased our sponsorship level. Nicola is training to participate in Dakar 2019 and Vicair is – among other things – sponsoring his racing helmet. This way we are protecting him from head to bottom. 🙂 We will follow Nicola on his adventures on the road to Dakar.

De Pont Rotterdam - Wheelchair hockey

Since season 2016-2017 Vicair is shirt sponsor of the wheelchair hockey teams of De Pont Sports Club in Rotterdam. De Pont has 4 teams playing in electric and manual wheelchair hockey competitions in the Netherlands. One of their players is Nienke Conijn, who we met in 2015 when she was looking for a cushion that could solve the problems she had when she sat in her wheelchair (read her story here). Since that time Nienke has been part of the Vicair cushion test team, that provides us with feedback on our products and product developments. In 2016 De Pont was looking for sponsors for their wheelchair hockey teams. Nienke of course thought of contacting Vicair. As they say: the rest is history. In September 2016 we officially presented the Vicair shirts to the teams and joined them in a special tournament to celebrate the start of the season. It was a great day! But we should probably stick to making wheelchair cushions…. The teams that we sponsor have been doing a great job in their competitions though. Team H2 even became champion! We are proud of our wheelchair hockey friends in Rotterdam and look forward to cheering them on in the next season(s).

Jurgen Boon - Paragolf - European Champion

We’ve met Jurgen a couple of years ago when he was looking for a wheelchair cushion that was able to suit his active lifestyle. Jurgen had been a fanatic sportsman before a mountain bike accident caused his spinal cord injury and that part of him has never changed. He is always looking for ways to push himself both physically and mentally. Over the last few years his focus has been on becoming the best of the best in Paragolfing. And now he is the reigning European Champion! It is Jurgen’s dream to participate in the Paralympics. We all hope it will soon be added to the Paralympic programme.

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