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Custom wheelchair cushion

A Vicair cushion – the best choice of custom wheelchair cushion

Vicair wheelchair cushions come in many standard shapes and sizes. They are a reliable, skin- protecting, lightweight and comfortable solution in a large variety of situations. The Vicair technology also allows us to easily design and manufacture a custom wheelchair cushion, to specifically fit the unique needs of a wheelchair user. You choose a Vicair custom wheelchair cushion for instance to support extreme asymmetries and/or amputations, to enable an optimal seating posture.

A Vicair Custom Made cushion is filled with hundreds of air-filled SmartCells, a technology developed by Vicair. You will experience the comfort and pressure redistributing quality of air and yet have a cushion that is moulded precisely to your body. And it is a uniquely lightweight custom wheelchair cushion, because of this unique air-technology!

Your Vicair cushion is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, but can be purchased in many countries worldwide. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact us or your country’s Vicair distributor to find out more!

Which type of custom wheelchair cushion

wheelchair cushion vicairA Vicair custom wheelchair cushion is especially made for your body and needs. The design is therefore unique. The Vicair R&D team will work closely with the client/therapist/product specialist to develop the cushion. We design and manufacture the Vicair custom wheelchair cushion in-house! Under optimal circumstances it can be ready within a few weeks. On our Custom Made page you will find some examples, but more complex designs are possible.

Why a Vicair custom wheelchair cushion?

Where and how can I buy a custom wheelchair cushion?

From our head office in Wormer, The Netherlands, Vicair cushions are shipped to over 30 countries all over the world. Would you like to buy a Vicair cushion for your wheelchair? Rules and regulations regarding the purchase and/or reimbursement of a custom wheelchair cushion vary in each country. You can find out more by contacting the Vicair distributor in your country.

Request information about custom wheelchair cushions

Would you like to receive more information about a Vicair wheelchair cushions or do you have any other questions? Please contact us.

Each Vicair Custom Made wheelchair cushion uses this unique Air Technology

Because of the Vicair SmartCells it is possible to create an individual solution in a short amount of time.

Vicair O2 - Machine washable and 100% breathable wheelchair cushions

When hygiene and microclimate are an issue: the Vicair O2 range is the perfect choice.

Which cushion suits your lifestyle?

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