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We offer education in which we provide training about our products and also about seating and positioning. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments and perform studies to bring more science into seating. We value the knowledge we gain and want to share this with you.

Combi-course: seating and positioning & product training

Vicair offers – in collaboration with its distributors – a combi-course that consists of two parts: a seating and positioning course with Dutch accreditation that is specially developed for clinicians and a Vicair product training. The first focusses on addressing seating and positioning problems that clinicians often face in assisting their clients. The latter then continues with explaining the technology and functionality of the Vicair cushions, relating to practical cases in which they can be used. We discuss making adjustments in an interactive setting, through this hands-on approach you immediately learn which changes can help in certain situations.

Clinical days & seating seminars

We are very proud to offer clinical days and seating seminars in cooperation with Sharon Sutherland-Pratt. Clinical days are hands-on workshops in which you will be guided through live seating assessments. Together with Sharon the participants can achieve maximum comfort without compromising skin protection and stability.
Seating seminars are a full day theoretical program during which knowledge about seating and positioning will be shared. Topics that are really relevant in your market can be addressed on request. A Vicair product demonstration is also part of the standard seminar day.

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Educational reviews
Educational library

In the Vicair Academy Library you can access all our educational resources. The Library contains all kinds of varied educational or product knowledge related document downloads. All the knowledge we gain in the field or through our scientific research is available in the Library. Interested in the knowledge that we have to offer?

Meet our educators
Carlos Kramer
Head of Education

Carlos specialised himself in seating and positioning through gaining practical experience whilst working for long term care centres, rehabilitation centres and rehab vendors. His educational background is in physics and before pursuing his passion in the industry, he spent 7 years teaching in schools on all levels. He expanded his knowledge of seating and positioning through his close relations and now colleagues Sharon Sutherland-Pratt, Bengt Engström and Bart Van der Heijden. Carlos is the head of education at Vicair since 2012 and continues to combine his expertise in teaching and passion for seating to provide high quality education in the field worldwide.

Jolanda Vosse
Account manager, The Netherlands

Jolanda only recently rolled into the wheelchair industry, but has fitted and adjusted many wheelchairs in that time. What might be even more important however, is that Jolanda has over 20 years of experience expertise. Due to a late diagnosis of Lyme disease, she has partial paraplegia and has spend al those years in a wheelchair herself. Of those 20 years she already has been sitting on a Vicar wheelchair cushion for 10 years, providing her with plenty of experience with the cushions and the development they went through. Next to providing a lot of advice about the Vicair wheelchair cushions Jolanda’s primary activity is sharing her knowledge and experience. After all the years sitting on a Vicair cushion she’s become a true expert and provides training about our products and sitting in a wheelchair throughout the Netherlands. Even though she mainly focusses on assisting Dutch clients, Jolanda can also sometimes be found at International events.

Sharon Sutherland-Pratt
Educational Consultant

Sharon has specialized in the field of seating, positioning and mobility since 1990. Graduating from The University of Dublin, Trinity College as a Physiotherapist, Sharon has experienced many aspects of the industry. She has given over 800 presentations on positioning, seating and mobility to audiences including physio/physical and occupational therapists, engineers, physicians, attorneys, nurses and case managers worldwide. Sharon is a contributing author in the recently published “Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide”. Known to many as a dynamic, compassionate and highly energetic speaker, Sharon’s knowledge and clinical experience makes her a very skilled clinician and instructor.

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