Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a few of the frequently asked questions about Vicair wheelchair cushions. Choose a question category to find out more.



How do I clean my Vicair cushion cover?

The cushion cover can be machine washed inside-out. See instructions on the label attached to the inside of the cover.

Can I wash the cells?

We do not advise to wash them, but it is possible. Only wash the SmartCells when it is absolutely necessary. Cells can be washed with water and soap, or in a washing machine. Washing the cells might shorten the life span of the cells.

However: the cells that are used in the Vector O2 can be machine-washed (while they stay inside the cushion) without shortening the life span of the cells. If you are looking for a machine-washable wheelchair cushion, visit the product page of the Vector O2.

How do I disinfect my Vicair cushion?

In case of soiling with body fluids, and when transferring the cushion to another user, the cushion must be disinfected to avoid cross contamination.
Clean the inner cushion and the outer cover as described above. When washing the outer cover, preferably use an anti-bacterial agent.
Spray disinfectant on the outer cover and the inner cushion. Bend the compartments outwards to make sure that the spray mist gets into the gaps.

How do I clean my Vicair cushion?

• Treat light stains by wiping the inner cushion with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent.
• Difficult spots or stains can be cleaned by first saturating the spot and then using a soft brush to loosen the dirt, or by machine washing the emptied inner cover at 60°.
• If it is necessary to remove the SmartCells™ for cleaning, note the number of cells in each compartment.

Vicair O2:

If you have a Vicair O2 range cushion (Vicair Vector O2), then you can wash the entire cushion with the SmartCells still in it at 60°.


How do I choose the ritght Vicair cushion?

A simple, comfortable, non adjustable wheelchair cushion for occasional use: The Vicair Liberty or Vicair Liberty Profile.

For persons who use their wheelchair and wheelchair cushion actively (and all-day-long) and make many transfers: The Vicair Active.

For optimal positioning posibilities and pressure ulcer prevention. For persons who use their wheelchair and wheelchair cushion every day and all-day-long: The Vicair Adjuster, Vicair Vector or Vicair Vector O2

And we offer Vicair Custom Made wheelchair cushions for persons in need of a custom made solution to their seating-problem.

If you find it hard to make a choice, please contact us for more advise.

I currently have pressure ulcers, can I sit on a Vicair cushion?

The Vicair cushions - with the exception of the Vicair Liberty cushions - can be used as an addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage 1,2,3,4).

What is the maximum user weight of a Vicair cushion?

On the product label you can find its maximum user weight.

In general the maximum user weight is 250 kg.

Please note: Exceptions are:
Vicair Liberty cushions: maximum user weight 150 kg
Vicair Active: maximum user weight 200 kg
Vicair AllRounder: maximum user weight 100 kg
Vicair XXtra cushion: maximum user weight 500 kg.

Is it possible to try a Vicair cushion?

For information about the possibilities, contact your country’s Vicair distributor.

What is the life span of a Vicair cushion?

The average life span of a Vicair cushion is three to five years, depending on the use of the cushion.
When you always use the Vicair cushion with the Vicair cover and replace your cushion cover every year, this will positively influence the life span of the Vicair cushion.

What is the life span of a Vicair cushion cover?

We advise you to replace your Vicair cushion cover every year.

Which kind of cover should I use?

There are two types of Vicair covers.
The Comfair cover, made of breathable multi-dimensional stretch fabric and the Incontinence cover, made of fluid-proof laminated multi-dimensional stretch fabric. You can make a choice based upon your personal needs.

Does Vicair offer a warranty on my Vicair cushion?

Yes, Vicair offers a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months after the original date of purchase, provided the product has been used normally.

Can I buy SmartCells?

No, we only supply SmartCells on a warranty basis.

Can I buy a cushion cover separately?

Yes this is possible, please contact your country’s Vicair distributor.

Can I buy a Vicair cushion without the cells?

No, the inner cushion without cells is only available on a warranty basis.

Are there custom made Vicair cushions available?

Yes, Vicair Custom Made cushions can be designed together with the Vicair R&D team. Your distributor’s product specialist can help you get in touch with the team.

What should I do when one or more cells are flat?

Because of the SmartCell quantity in each cushion compartment, the cushion’s functionality remains even when a few cells are flat. When in doubt, contact your therapist/dealer or contact Vicair.

Where can I find the serial number?

Watch this short video with the label information


How many cells should there be in my Vicair cushion?

You can find the original number of cells per compartment on the cushion label.

How do I know if my cushion is installed correctly?

Vicair recommends to install and adjust Vicair wheelchair cushions under the direct supervision of your therapist or dealer.

In general:

  • Make sure that the wheelchair seat is clean and degreased.
  • Remove the protective backing tape from the self-adhesive Velcro strips.
  • Place the cushion on the seat of your wheelchair and push it down firmly. Make sure the loop faces down and to the back of your wheelchair. To remove the cushion from the wheelchair seat, simply pull it off the Velcro strips.
  • Sit on the cushion for a few minutes, to allow the cushion to adapt to your body shape.
  • If necessary, adjust the footrests of your wheelchair. Your feet should just rest on them while your thighs are in full contact with the cushion.

For the specific instructions for your Vicair cushion, you can also check the user manual of your Vicair wheelchair cushion.

Can I use a Comfair cover on top of an Incontinence cover?

You should always use your Vicair cushion in combination with a Vicair cushion cover. However, we do not advise to use two covers on top of each other, as this reduces the functionality of the cushion.


How frequently should I check my Vicair cushion?

We advise you to check your cushion every three months for wear and deflated cells. In case of serious damage do not continue to use the product. Consult your dealer.


Can I receive reimbursement for a Vicair cushion?

For information about your country’s reimbursement policy toward Vicair cushions, please contact your Vicair distributor.