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Rugkussen Vicair Liberty Back
Liberty Range

Wheelchair back cushion Vicair Liberty Back

Excellent for manual wheelchair users with back pain

  • Easy to apply on a standard (folding) wheelchair
  • Automatically adapts to change, including reclining back support
  • Excellent for users with back pain
Rugkussen Vicair Anatomic Back

Wheelchair back cushion Vicair Anatomic back

Optimal positioning and support for every individual manual wheelchair user

  • Optimal positioning through combination of SmartCells and Strap back
  • Offloading the spinal column
  • Dynamically molds to the users’ back contours
wheelchair back support cushion Vicair Multifunctional O2 back
Vicair O2

Wheelchair back support cushion Vicair Multifunctional O2 back

The best back support for users of manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs and powerchairs

  • Supporting different postures
  • Follows the human spine alignment
  • Optimal pressure redistribution
Vicair Custom Made Rolstoelkussens

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Custom Made

Endless possibilities with tailor made Vicair solutions

  • Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
  • Fully machine washable
  • Minimizes sliding and shear forces
  • Individual solution for asymmetry
  • Optimal adjustment to the body’s contours for equal pressure distribution