The Vicair Special range consists of cushions which were developed to adress specific issues that wheelchair users might experience.


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Special Range

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Multifunctional

Comfort and skin protection in a tilt-in-space wheelchair

  • Ideal for use in tilt-in-space chair with adjustable seat depth
  • Vicair Adjuster design with deeper rear end compartments
  • Optimal adjustment to the body’s contours for equal pressure distribution

Special Range

Wheelchair cushion Vicair XXtra O2

Especially developed for bariatrics

  • Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
  • Fully machine washable
  • User weight up to 500kg
  • Shaped like the Vicair Adjuster O2
  • Wider size range than other Vicair products

Special Range

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Adjuster 12

More height for extra positioning possibilities

  • An individual solution for asymmetry, even the extreme kinds
  • Allows total immersion for equal pressure distribution
  • Helps prevent sliding while minimizing shear
Special Range

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Pommel

Pressure relief and stability with a detachable pommel

  • Ideal for users with adducted conditions
  • Detachable pommel
  • Unique: cushion and pommel covered seperately for ease of use