Wheelchair cushion Vicair Centre Relief O2

Offloading pressure in the high risk area

  • For completely offloading of the rectal area
  • Adjustable non-contact area
  • Stable positioning


The (wheelchair) cushion Vicair Centre Relief O2 is the best choice if you need to completely offload the rectum perineum and coccyx area. By simply removing SmartCells from the centre circle compartment you create a non-contact area. This important feature makes a great difference for persons with (for instance) localized deep pressure ulcers, rectum or tailbone problems. Or after perineal surgery. The Vicair Centre Relief O2 helps you to sit comfortably and safe, even in the most painful situations

The Vicair Centre Relief O2 is a wheelchair cushion that helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).

Click here to read more about the Vicair O2 range and its cushions.

Technical specifications

Available height10 cm
Average weight750 grams
Max. user weight250 kg
Ready for useYes
Standard sizes3
Machine washableYes. Max. 60°C
Drying timeAir dry to 5 to 6 hours
Latex freeYes
Warranty24 months on inner cover | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells
Rectum problemsTailbone problems
Localized deep pressure ulcersAfter perineal surgery
After difficult childbirth






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