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“I’ve got a lot of freedom thanks to my electric wheelchair”

My name is Esther and I have a progressive muscle disease, which makes it difficult for me to speak and move. In 2000 I got my first wheelchair and since then I have had several wheelchairs. Thanks to my electric wheelchair, I have got a lot of freedom!


“For the first time in a long time I could sit without pain with the Vicair Vector 10 cm, what a relief”

Until 2011, I could move free and painlessly outdoors. But unfortunately, I got more and more pain whilst sitting and I started feeling discomfort around my sitting bone. The occupational therapist (OT) made an appointment with the Vicair advisor and then I got a Vicair Vector 10 cm for my electric wheelchair really quickly. For the first time in a long time I could sit without pain, what a relief!
For my other wheelchairs, such as my push wheelchair, I was looking for thinner cushions. The HMC, a supplier of medical aids, advised me to try a ROHO Quadtro, but wow… That cushion was so wobbly. Eventually I also got a Vicair Vector for my push wheelchair, this time a 6 cm thick one.

“The HMC filled the seat of my new wheelchair with foam and with my old Vicair cushion, unfortunately it didn’t work for me”

Since June 2017 I have a new electric wheelchair and I am very happy with it, but unfortunately the wheelchair cushion didn’t sit properly. The HMC combined a foam seat with my old Vicair cushion. The cushion size I needed for my new chair was not a standard size in the Vicair ‘Try-out service’. Luckily, Carlos, the Vicair advisor, was able to send it to me to try it out anyway.


“The Vicair Active O2  is the cushion for me”

After a few hours with my new Vector, it turned out that this cushion was not a success for my new wheelchair. I couldn’t get out of my wheelchair by myself anymore and my shoulder started to hurt. After an appointment with the OT and Carlos, I chose the Vicair Active O2, in this cushion the front part is made of foam and the back consists of SmartCells. Carlos initially brought a 45 cm cushion with him, which was good for testing. Eventually, I was also allowed to test the 50 cm deep version and that will be my new wheelchair cushion!

“Until my new cushion arrived, I was allowed to use the test cushion”

The application process took some time, but in January 2019 my new wheelchair cushion was delivered! Until my new cushion arrived, I could use my test cushion. A very nice service from Vicair!

Esther Westmaas, 39 years

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