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Nicola Dutto - Paraplegic off-road bike rider

Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion

Especially made for Nicola Dutto

Nicola Dutto - Vicair Custom Made
Nicola Dutto

December 2014

At the REHACARE 2013 Max Rogmans (CEO Vicair BV) met Nicola Dutto. Nicola was part of the CSEI Carbon wheelchair promotion team and also showed his special motorbike at their stand.

Nicola competed and has won several prices in off-road motorbike races. He became European Champion Baja 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately Nicola broke his spinal cord in an accident during the Italian Baja in 2010 and Nicola ended up in a wheelchair.

His passion for motorcycling remained and in 2012 Nicola took on the challenge to start motorcycling again. He raced the 500 km long Baja Aragon and became the first paraplegic motorbike rider! Since then, many new races have followed.

Needless to say, Nicola uses an adjusted motorbike during his races. He has to be secured, supported and protected when he speeds across the challenging rock-filled desert terrain. At the REHACARE 2013, Max Rogmans offered Nicola to design a special Vicair cushion for him that he could use as a motor saddle. The Vicair R&D team contacted Nicola to discuss his wishes for this custom made cushion and to learn about the required specifics and dimensions. Soon a design was made and the cushion could be produced. A perfect example of the flexibility of the Vicair system and the short amount of time in which a custom made Vicair product can be developed and produced.

Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion for Nicola Dutto
Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion design


In 2014 Nicola has used the Vicair saddle cushion during his races. Among others the Baja 500 in Mexico (440 miles, June 2014) and the “Vegas to Reno”(530 miles, August 2014). The Vicair custom made saddle cushion performed excellently! The cushion provided Nicola with the necessary protection and support during the 14 to 18 hour non-stop races through dust, mud and stones and with temperatures around 44 ° C.

Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion - Nicole Dutto installing the cushion
Nicole Dutto installing the Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion onto his bike

Vicair thanks Nicola for entrusting us with the great responsibility of keeping him safe, supported and comfortable. We were very pleased to hear that he’s had such a good experience under such extreme circumstances and look forward to assisting him in his future challenges.

Vicair and Nicola Dutto, a great combination!

Pictures are provided by Nicola Dutto. Rights reserved. 

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