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The Vicair O2 range wheelchair cushions

Machine washable & 100% breathable

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The Vicair O2 cushions tackle the hygiene issues caused by incontinence. The open structure of the O2 cushions allows the cushions to be easily washed in any washing machine. Without the need for a laundry bag, and without removing the SmartCells. These cushions are ideal for both institutional and home use, in situations where incontinence, temperature and humidity is an issue.

  • Fully machine washable for optimal hygiene
  • 100% Breathable for perfect temperature  and moist regulation
  • Unique Boxing Effect for better immersion

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Wheelchair cushion 100% Machine Washable Vicair O2In all washing machines washable at 60°C without using a laundry bag or removing
the SmartCells™.


Wheelchair cushion 100% breathable Vicair O2Cushion is fully breathable due to open fabric structure yet resistant to incontinence.


wheelchair cushion SOLID SHAPE Vicair O2More cushion volume creating better immersion and enhanced SmartCell support. Easier to adjust when client is seated.


wheelchair cushion 145 standard sizes Vicair O2Available in two heights. With 145 standard sizes and many extra sizes available on request, the Vicair O2 series will cover all sizing requirements.

Available Vicair O2 wheelchair cushion models

There are three wheelchair cushions in the Vicair O2 range: the Vicair Adjuster O2, the Vicair Vector O2 and the Vicair Active O2. The fourth item is the Vicair AllRounder O2, for protection and comfort outside of the wheelchair.

The first machine washable air technology wheelchair cushion: Vicair O2

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Vicair Quality Assurance - 6 point SmartCell Safety Check

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